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Arraignment of Binance Holdings Limited and Senior Executive Stalled in Federal High Court

The arraignment of Binance Holdings Limited and its Senior Executive, Tigray Gambaryan, at the Federal High Court, Abuja, hit a roadblock as proceedings were stalled due to the non-service of charges to the second defendant, Gambaryan.
During the court session, Gambaryan’s counsel, Tonye Krukrubo, informed the court that his client, scheduled for arraignment by the Federal Government, was unaware of the charges against him.
The counsel representing the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) explained to the court the challenges encountered in serving the charges to Gambaryan, citing his detention as a hindrance. He requested the court’s permission to serve the defendant in court.
While the defendant’s counsel raised concerns about the government’s conduct in serving the charges, they did not oppose the service in court. Consequently, the court ordered that Gambaryan be served in court.
The prosecution sought an adjournment to afford the defendant time to review the charges and prepare to enter his plea.
Justice Emeka Nwite adjourned the case to April 19th for the arraignment in the FIRS suit.
In a separate suit filed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the agency brought forth five counts of money laundering and corruption.
However, the proceedings in this case were also halted as the defendant’s lawyer highlighted that the charges were joint and the first defendant, Binance, had not been served.
Justice Nwite adjourned the case to April 8th to rule on whether the arraignment could proceed in the absence of proof of service to Binance.
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