Wild Storms Sweep Through New Jersey, Causing Havoc

Wednesday night brought wild and perilous conditions to New Jersey as strong storms swept through the state, resulting in fallen trees, power outages, and localized flooding.

In Rochelle Park, a towering tree succumbed to the relentless wind and rain, uprooting from the ground and bringing down power lines along Hazley Avenue. Fortunately, power loss was the extent of the damage for just over a dozen residents.

Jersey City streets became nearly indistinguishable as torrential rainfall flooded roadways, creating hazardous conditions for motorists and pedestrians alike.

Meanwhile, in Lodi, the Saddle River steadily rose, a familiar sight for nearby communities accustomed to the river’s recurrent inundations. The river, already swollen from previous storms, continued to swell throughout the night, adding to the challenges posed by repeated flooding events this year.

With days of relentless rain and wind battering the region once more, the Saddle River is once again slowly swelling, inching its way towards flood stage.

Snow in the West and flooding in the East. Here's how the US is coping with  the massive storm | WUNC

Forecasters predict the river will reach its crest around 2 a.m. Thursday, hovering just below flood levels. Puddles have accumulated at the edge of a nearby parking lot, which sits precariously close to the river’s banks.

Residents of a nearby apartment complex have grown accustomed to the recurring inconvenience of flooding. One resident lamented the loss of two vehicles to the Saddle River, including a brand-new car.

“Lodi resident Ashley Nicholas expressed frustration, noting the ongoing flooding woes faced by communities like Wayne. Just two weeks ago, Mayor Scott Luna attributed the flooding on Main Street to malfunctioning outfall pipes submerged four feet beneath the river. Mayor Luna emphasized the need for assistance from the Department of Environmental Protection to clear these pipes, preventing storm drains from backing up during heavy rainfall.

Residents recall the parking lot flooding during the last storm, exacerbating the challenges faced by those already struggling. Nicholas highlighted the financial burden faced by residents, stating the difficulty in relocating due to the high costs involved. She called for action to address the persistent flooding issue, suggesting that the river should have been dredged by now given its history of flooding since the 1970s.

Nicholas urged authorities to prioritize the maintenance of waterways, citing the financial assistance received from FEMA and emphasizing the need for proactive measures to mitigate future flooding incidents.”


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