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Severe Storm Causes Chaos in NYC: Power Outages, Flight Cancellations

Residents of New York City are waking up to scenes of destruction following heavy downpours and strong winds on Wednesday. Throughout the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx, cleanup crews have begun the arduous task of removing numerous fallen trees in an effort to restore power and reopen streets.

In the aftermath of the storm, West 227th Street and Marble Hill Avenue resemble a debris-filled obstacle course, with trees strewn across roads and vehicles. The impact of the fallen trees has resulted in road closures and power outages affecting many residents.

The Concourse section of the Bronx also bears the brunt of the storm’s fury, with one unfortunate individual finding their car completely obliterated by a fallen tree. Fortunately, there are no reports of injuries resulting from these incidents.

Uncleared trees remain hazard in Queens after Tropical Storm Isaias,  outages mostly resolved - ABC7 New York

Similar scenes of destruction can be witnessed in the Melrose section, where a parked car on Grant Avenue and 164th Street fell victim to the wrath of the storm.

Wednesday’s storm unleashed its full fury, rendering umbrellas useless against the onslaught of rain and wind that uprooted even the sturdiest of metal poles bolted to sidewalks.

Despite the relentless weather, some residents feel that the city could have taken steps to minimize the damage caused by the fallen trees.

“What’s on my mind is that the city should supervise all the trees better. They should anticipate these things. Take the one on 227th, for example. I reported it last Monday, they came to inspect it, and they said there was no need for work. And now look at what happened,” expressed one resident.

According to the New York City Parks Department, they received 95 reports of downed trees citywide as a result of the severe weather conditions.

As of Thursday morning, approximately 3,500 Bronx residents remain without power, while nearly 10,000 customers in Westchester are also experiencing power outages.

On Manhattan’s Upper West Side, powerful wind gusts led to yet another unfortunate incident as a tree toppled onto a parked car.

For drivers navigating Wednesday evening’s commute, the journey was fraught with peril as roadways became inundated with pooling water and obstructed by fallen trees.

Severe weather conditions led to substantial delays at airports nationwide, resulting in the cancellation of over 1,000 flights by Wednesday night. LaGuardia Airport implemented a ground stop, while JFK and Newark airports experienced numerous flight cancellations.

Additionally, the New York Mets were forced to postpone Wednesday’s game against Detroit due to the inclement weather.

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