“There is Hunger in the Land” – Gov. Makinde

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has acknowledged the prevalent hunger in Nigeria, emphasizing that the current situation does not reflect the country’s potential and aspirations.
Speaking on Tuesday during the signing of the Executive Bill establishing the Oyo State Mobilisation Agency for Socio-Economic Development (OYMASED), Makinde appealed to leaders nationwide to create frameworks for harnessing the country’s potential through mobilisation, sensitisation, and advocacy.
Makinde reiterated his administration’s commitment to prioritising economic development to address major challenges in the state.
He announced the appointment of Dr. Morohunkola Thomas, a former Commissioner for Education and his current Special Adviser on Socio-Economic Development, as the Director General of OYMASED. The governor highlighted that the establishment of OYMASED aligns with his administration’s focus on building strong institutions alongside massive infrastructure development.
“A government cannot win the people’s trust if it does not clearly communicate where it is taking them,” Makinde stated, emphasizing the importance of continuous mobilisation and sensitisation of the state’s various demographics.
In his address, Makinde expressed gratitude to Prof. Jerry Gana for his pioneering role in the Mass Mobilization for Self Reliance, Social Justice, and Economic Recovery (MAMSER), after which OYMASED is modeled. He also thanked the members of the Assembly for the timely passage of the Bill and their collaboration in delivering good governance.
Makinde outlined the critical role of OYMASED in clarifying economic policies, educating the public about the law and political processes, and serving as a rallying point for key government ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs).
He stressed the necessity of prioritising production and mobilising the populace to achieve economic development and move people from poverty to prosperity.
“There is hunger in the land, which does not reflect where we should be as a nation,” Makinde said. “We must create a framework to harness our potential through mobilisation, sensitisation, and advocacy. This agency is a key part of that framework.”
Makinde concluded by underscoring the importance of continuous education and clear communication from the government to gain the people’s trust and support for socio-economic, political, and environmental development initiatives.
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