Nicaraguan Beauty Queen Makes History, Clinches Miss Universe 2023 Title

In a spectacular event held in San Salvador on Saturday night, Sheynnis Palacios, a 23-year-old model and beauty queen from Nicaragua, achieved a historic milestone by winning the Miss Universe 2023 crown. Outshining 83 other contestants, Palacios became the first delegate from Nicaragua to be bestowed with the prestigious title during the 72nd annual beauty pageant.
Having been engaged in pageantry since the age of 16, Sheynnis Palacios showcased consistent excellence during the coronation night, delivering impressive performances in both the swimsuit and evening gown segments.
Apart from her remarkable victory, the Miss Universe event featured several noteworthy firsts, including the participation of two mother candidates, two transgender women, and a plus-size individual.
The crowning moment was executed by R’Bonney Nola Gabriel, last year’s winner from the USA, passing on the prestigious title to the newly crowned beauty queen.
Ada Peter

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