Kano State Allocates N376 Million to Support Saudi Arabia-Bound Pilgrims

Kano State Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf has allocated N376 million to address the shortfall in Basic Travel Allowance (BTA) for Saudi Arabia-bound pilgrims from the state.
This decision comes amid the volatility of the foreign exchange rate, which has significantly impacted the financial requirements for this year’s pilgrimage.
In a statement released yesterday by Sanusi Bature, Director General of Media and Publicity at the Government House, Kano, it was explained that the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) initially set the BTA at $500 per pilgrim, using an official exchange rate of N1,250 to one US dollar.
However, due to the weakening of the Nigerian currency, the exchange rate surged to over N1,500 per dollar, creating a significant shortfall. Governor Yusuf, while addressing attendees during the annual pre-Hajj departure demonstration exercise on Monday, highlighted the financial discrepancy.
He noted that without intervention, each pilgrim would face a shortfall of N121,000. To rectify this, the state government has approved supplementary funds, providing each of the 3,100 pilgrims from the state with an additional N121,000, totaling N376,310,000.
Additionally, Governor Yusuf appointed Deputy Governor Comrade Aminu Abdulsalam as the head of the government delegation and Amir Hajj for the 2024 pilgrimage.
The Deputy Governor is tasked with overseeing the welfare of the pilgrims, ensuring comprehensive provisions for food, accommodation, transportation, healthcare, and other necessities.
Governor Yusuf’s administration has actively supported the pilgrims this year. In April, the Governor released N500 million to subsidize a sudden increase in Hajj fare announced by NAHCON, which had risen to N1.9 million.
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