No Shortcuts in Economic Recovery -Shettima

Vice President Kashim Shettima emphasized the Tinubu administration’s commitment to rigorous and transparent economic recovery measures, asserting that no corners will be cut to ensure Nigeria’s long-term stability and prosperity.
Speaking at the inaugural Asiwaju Scorecard Series organized by the APC Professionals Forum in Abuja, Shettima, represented by his special adviser on general duties, Dr. Aliyu Moddibo Umar, underscored the administration’s tough but necessary decisions, including the removal of the fuel subsidy.
Shettima highlighted the urgency of addressing Nigeria’s unsustainable debt service-to-revenue ratio, which necessitated the subsidy removal. “In our quest for economic recovery, we must recognize that we are not here to cut corners.
The path we have chosen involves necessary sacrifices, but these are essential for securing a brighter future for Nigeria,” he stated, projecting significant growth as economic policies take effect.
The vice president also noted the administration’s efforts to combat economic sabotage, including cracking down on currency manipulation and institutionalized corruption. These interventions, he said, are crucial for stabilizing the economy and fostering growth.
Reflecting on the challenges faced, Shettima acknowledged the sacrifices required but reiterated the administration’s commitment to job creation and economic inclusivity. He cited initiatives such as the expanded National MSME Clinics and the launch of a student loan scheme led by Jim Ovia, aimed at empowering youth and providing resources for success.
In addition to economic reforms, Shettima emphasized the administration’s anti-corruption drive, marked by high-profile cases and the ongoing digitization of revenue collection to enhance transparency and efficiency.
Shettima called for patience and collective effort from all Nigerians, assuring them that the government is dedicated to creating a future of safety, prosperity, and optimism for all. He also highlighted the importance of unity and reconciliation within the APC, with efforts led by APC National Chairman Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje to ensure party cohesion and electoral success.
Ganduje announced initiatives to restructure the party into a grassroots progressive entity, including the establishment of reconciliation committees at various levels and the launch of a comprehensive e-registration exercise to gather data on party membership for strategic planning.
In his remarks, Dr. Isa Yuguda, Chairman of the APC Professionals Forum Board of Trustees, defended President Tinubu’s economic reforms, stating that the challenges faced were inherited and that the President’s decisive actions are paving the way for a better future. Yuguda also supported the fuel subsidy removal, noting its necessity and the administration’s burden in addressing the fallout.
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