Gov Sanwo-Olu Assesses Idumota Market Fire Damage, Vows Demolition of Unapproved Buildings

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu conducted an inspection of the aftermath of a devastating fire at the bustling Idumota market on Thursday, accompanied by state officials.
The visit aimed to evaluate the extent of the damage caused by the fire and outline plans for recovery and reconstruction.
Expressing concern over the impact of the fire, Governor Sanwo-Olu announced plans to demolish unapproved buildings within the market premises.
In addition to the demolition plans, Governor Sanwo-Olu declared the suspension of commercial activities in the affected areas until further notice.
The areas affected by the fire include Dosunmu, Nnamdi Azikwe, Moshalashi, Woro Pedro, Obanikoro, Ago Tawa, Idumagbo Avenue, Idumagbo, Ido-Oluwo, and Oju Olobun.
The fire, which engulfed a section of the Idumota Market in the early hours of Tuesday, resulted in the collapse of two buildings and extensive damage to numerous others.
The incident also led to the destruction of goods worth millions of naira, exacerbating the economic challenges faced by traders and merchants.
The governor said the fire was as a result of mishandling flammable materials. “We have initiated a full investigation to determine the cause and implement stricter safety protocols,” he said.
“I am disappointed with the conversion of residential buildings into storage for hazardous materials. This practice contributed to the rapid spread of the fire and must end. We will hold accountable those who flout our building and safety standards.
“In our meeting with victims and stakeholders, we discussed both immediate and long-term support measures. An integrity test on standing structures is now mandatory, and Dosunmu Market will remain closed until we can ensure the safety of all structures and compliance with regulations. Unapproved buildings will be demolished. Our commitment to safety and order in our markets is unwavering.
“The Ministry of Physical Planning will intensify its efforts to enforce building codes and prevent misuse of residential properties. We cannot overlook the safety of our citizens.”
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