Tragic Fire Consumes Denmark’s Historic Børsen Stock Exchange

A devastating fire has engulfed Denmark’s historic old stock exchange building in the heart of Copenhagen. The 17th Century Børsen, one of the city’s oldest structures, saw its iconic spire collapse amidst the flames, leaving onlookers in shock.

Fortunately, all occupants of the building were evacuated safely, and efforts were made to salvage some of its priceless historic paintings. Culture Minister Jakob Engel-Schmidt lamented the loss, noting that 400 years of Danish cultural heritage had been consumed by the fire.

A devastating fire has ravaged Denmark’s historic old stock exchange building, dating back to 1625, located near the country’s parliament, the Folketing, in Copenhagen. The iconic Børsen, which is undergoing renovation and was enveloped in scaffolding and protective covering, witnessed its spire collapse amidst the flames.

The building currently houses the Danish chamber of commerce, whose representatives described the scenes on Tuesday morning as a dreadful sight. Local craftsman Henrik Grage mourned the loss, comparing it to the tragic Notre-Dame fire that occurred in Paris almost exactly five years ago.

The fire in Copenhagen, the cause of which remains unknown, was exacerbated by the presence of scaffolding, making firefighting efforts challenging. Emergency services believe much of the building, particularly its tower, has suffered significant damage due to the intense blaze.

Jakob Vedsted Andersen, the chief of emergency services, expressed the immense challenges faced by firefighters in accessing the area beneath the old copper roof.

An onlooker conveyed their shock to Danish media, saying, “I’m completely speechless – this is an unparalleled tragedy.”

AFP Firefighters spray water to extinguish a fire that broke out in the Copenhagen's Stock Exchange building, in Copenhagen, on 16 April 2024
Fire engulfed the historic spire which then collapsed

Citizens joined emergency responders, alongside chamber of commerce director Brian Mikkelsen, in a frantic effort to rescue the significant art collection housed within the Børsen building.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen commented on the “terrible images” and the loss of a piece of Danish history consumed by the flames.

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