Suffolk County Man Arrested for Abusing 5-Week-Old Infant

Vincent Distasi, 31, of Suffolk County, faces serious charges after his 5-week-old infant son was rushed to Stony Brook University Hospital with life-threatening injuries consistent with abuse. Distasi was arrested on Jan. 29 and charged with assault, reckless assault of a child, and endangering the welfare of a child. During his arraignment on Thursday, he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

According to prosecutors, the infant suffered from a subdural hematoma, fractures to both arms, and rib fractures, all indicative of severe abuse. The injuries were in various stages of healing, suggesting prolonged mistreatment.

Investigators obtained home security footage from the DiStasi residence, capturing disturbing scenes of alleged abuse. The footage purportedly shows Distasi tossing, punching, smacking, and smothering the infant throughout the first five weeks of the child’s life.

District Attorney Anne Donnelly condemned the alleged actions, describing them as a “violent nightmare” for the infant. She vowed to pursue justice for the victim, who endured life-saving surgery and spent weeks on life support.

Distasi, released on bond, is scheduled to appear in court next month. In addition, two orders of protection have been issued as part of the ongoing legal proceedings.


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