Senate Considers Customs Revenue Target Increase To Curb Borrowing

The Senate is contemplating raising the Nigeria Customs Service’s (NCS) revenue target from N5.079 billion in the second half of the year to mitigate further borrowing, revealed Senator Isah Jibrin, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Customs.
During a meeting with the Comptroller General of the NCS, Adewale Adeniyi, and senior management, Senator Jibrin stressed the imperative for revenue-generating agencies to bolster their contributions to economic growth.
Addressing concerns about unemployment, Senator Jibrin emphasized that while Customs plays a role, it cannot single-handedly address the issue. He noted the pressure to surpass the 1,600 employee benchmark, urging realistic employment practices.
“Customs is not the only employer of labour. They can only employ the number they believed, they can adequately take care of and we are putting them under pressure to exceed the 1,600 benchmark”.
In response to lawmakers’ queries, the CG, NCS, shared plans to request government approval for granting waivers to owners of smuggled cars, allowing them to regularize customs duties payment.
He disclosed that those in possession of vehicles illegally imported into the country or are to pay duties have a three-month window to go to Customs House for assessment and payment of duties.
This he assures will be done after adequate publicity to ensure that those in such a situation, can get their vehicles regularized through payment of duties.
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