Insights from Mayor Adams’ Meeting with Pope Francis in Vatican City

New York City Mayor Eric Adams shared insights from his recent in-person meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican over the weekend, describing the experience as special and highlighting the Pope’s attentive demeanor.

During a virtual press conference on Saturday, Adams expressed admiration for Pope Francis, noting the significance of their interaction. The meeting, which took place during Adams’ three-day trip to Rome, was sponsored by a foundation established by the Pope.

Covering a distance of 4,200 miles, the mayor’s visit offered him the chance to seek guidance from the Pope on addressing the urgent challenges confronting New York City.

“It was a sacred moment for me to have the opportunity to listen to Pope Francis,” expressed Adams, emphasizing the Pope’s leadership on crucial global issues such as the refugee crisis, climate change, and the pursuit of peace. “He exemplifies how to confront these challenges with compassion and, most importantly, with love.”

During the international meeting on human fraternity, Adams engaged with the mayor of Rome and other local leaders. The event serves as a platform for world leaders, Nobel Prize laureates, and prominent figures to participate in roundtable discussions aimed at fostering unity and understanding among diverse communities.

“It’s an opportunity to engage in dialogue about shared challenges faced by our cities,” remarked Adams, highlighting issues ranging from housing and public safety to economic recovery and education. “We all grapple with similar issues, and today’s discussion was productive,” he added.

On Sunday, the mayor plans to visit a migrant center to gain insight into one of the city’s pressing issues. However, Adams emphasized the importance of sharing knowledge and learning from others. “No one has all the answers,” he stated. “I want to understand the federal government’s approach here, learn best practices, and share our own experiences. If we can successfully support 194,000 people in need without anyone sleeping on the streets, it’s something worth sharing nationally.”

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