Nathan Wade Resigns as Special Prosecutor in Georgia Case

Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor in the Georgia election interference case involving Donald Trump, has stepped down following controversy over his affair with District Attorney Fani Willis.

Trump and his co-defendants sought to disqualify Willis, citing her hiring of Wade and their relationship, which they argued compromised the trial’s integrity. Although the judge rejected this request, he acknowledged concerns about the appearance of impropriety.

In response, the judge suggested that either Willis or Wade should withdraw from the case to address these concerns. Wade’s resignation, stated in a letter, maintained his innocence and cited his decision as being in the interest of democracy and the American public, aiming to expedite the case’s progress.

In a letter acknowledging his resignation, District Attorney Fani Willis commended Nathan Wade for his professionalism and resilience in the face of threats during his tenure on the case.

Earlier on Friday, Judge McAfee criticized Willis for a “tremendous lapse in judgment” due to her involvement in an affair with Wade. He also characterized her testimony during a recent hearing as “unprofessional”.

Donald Trump and 18 other defendants are facing prosecution in Georgia over allegations of conspiracy to overturn the state’s 2020 election results, which they dispute.

The defendants accused Willis, who heads the prosecution, of misconduct due to her romantic involvement with Wade, whom she hired for the case. They alleged a financial conflict of interest, asserting that the couple used funds meant for Wade’s work on the case to finance luxurious trips together.

However, both Willis and Wade denied any financial benefits from their relationship, stating that they evenly split the costs of their shared holidays.

Judge Scott McAfee concluded that while there was insufficient evidence to demonstrate a conflict of interest, there existed an “appearance of impropriety.” He emphasized the necessity to address this perception before the case could proceed.

The Georgia election interference case is one of four criminal proceedings Donald Trump is confronting, drawing significant attention from both political factions in anticipation of the upcoming presidential election in November.

However, certain cases have encountered delays. Trump’s New York trial concerning alleged hush money payments to a porn star has been postponed until at least April.

In Florida, where Trump faces charges related to his handling of classified documents, both the prosecution and the defense agree that the trial will require a delay. Despite Trump’s motion to dismiss the case being denied by a judge, proceedings are set to continue.


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