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Prominent Hong Kong Actor Gregory Wong Sentenced to Six Years in Jail

Gregory Wong, a prominent Hong Kong actor, along with 11 others, has been sentenced to jail for their involvement in the storming of the city’s legislature during the 2019 protests.

Wong received a sentence of just over six years, one of the lengthier terms handed down by the district court on Saturday. Activists Ventus Lau and Owen Chow were also among those sentenced to prison in connection with the pro-democracy demonstration.

Additionally, two journalists were fined for unlawfully entering the Legislative Council chamber during the incident.

Most of the defendants were convicted of rioting.

The incident occurred in July 2019 and was viewed as a pivotal moment in the pro-democracy protests sparked by a contentious law allowing the extradition of individuals to mainland China. Hundreds of protesters breached the building, leaving graffiti on the walls and providing provisions for those occupying the premises.

Getty Images Protesters break into the Legislative Council Complex in July 2019


The storming of the building resulted in extensive damage, including the tearing down of political leaders’ portraits from the walls and destruction of furniture.

Judge Li Chi-ho remarked on Saturday that besides the physical harm, the incident had caused “lasting” social repercussions. He stated, “Apart from the tangible destruction to the structure, it held symbolic significance… [by] challenging the Hong Kong government and undermining its governance,” as reported by the AFP news agency.

The protests triggered the implementation of a stringent security law, facilitating the prosecution of demonstrators and curbing the city’s autonomy. Over 100 individuals have reportedly been arrested under the legislation imposed by Beijing in 2020.

Hong Kong, previously under British rule, was returned to China in 1997 under the “one country, two systems” principle. Critics contend that the Chinese Communist Party has violated the agreement by encroaching on the city’s autonomy and altering its economic and social frameworks.


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