Edo Obidient Movement Withdraws Support from Labour Party Ahead of Governorship Election

In anticipation of the upcoming governorship election in Edo State, the Edo Obidient Movement, previously aligned with the Labour Party (LP) during the 2023 general elections, has officially distanced itself with the party and its gubernatorial contender, Olumide Akpata.
During a press conference at the NUJ Secretariat in Benin City, the group’s spokesperson, Ikhuenbor Figo, conveyed the decision, citing dissatisfaction with the Labour Party’s performance and conduct in Nigerian politics.
“Our engagement with LP during the 2023 elections was solely based on our endorsement of Peter Obi. However, we’re disheartened by the party’s trajectory and actions, which diverge from our principles and expectations,” stated Figo.
The Edo Obidient Movement, initially drawn to the LP due to its support for Peter Obi’s presidential bid, has expressed discontent with the party’s internal processes, particularly its conduct during the primary elections in Edo State.
“We unequivocally distance ourselves from the Labour Party and its nominee for the 2024 Edo governorship campaign, street rallies, and fitness events,” affirmed Figo, signaling a decisive shift in the group’s political allegiance.
This move signifies a significant departure from the group’s previous political stance and raises speculation about its impact on the Labour Party’s electoral prospects in Edo State.
Moreover, the Edo Obidient Movement issued a call to action for Peter Obi to institute reforms within the Labour Party’s leadership ahead of the 2027 presidential elections, reiterating its unwavering support for Obi’s values and integrity.
“As advocates for Peter Obi, we implore him to address the internal challenges within the Labour Party, ensuring its alignment with the principles he embodies,” emphasized Figo.
The group disclosed plans to unveil its preferred political party and candidate for the forthcoming governorship election in the following weeks, indicating a shift in its political advocacy and endorsement within Edo State.
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