Ukraine Intercepts Russian Missiles and Drones in Kyiv Region

According to Ukraine’s general staff, Ukrainian forces have targeted two landing ships, a communications center, and additional infrastructure utilized by Russia’s Black Sea fleet near the annexed Crimea.

The announcement from the Ukrainian general staff indicated that the Yamal and Azov ships had been destroyed in the attack.

The Russian-appointed governor of the port of Sevastopol stated that 10 Ukrainian missiles were intercepted and shot down during the assault.

Furthermore, Russia launched a missile and drone strike on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and the Lviv region early Sunday morning.

As the attack commenced at 05:00 (03:00 GMT), residents of Kyiv sought refuge in metro stations to shield themselves from the assault.

Officials reported that their defensive systems successfully intercepted and destroyed 18 Russian missiles and 25 drones in the Kyiv region, resulting in only minor damage.

In the western region of Lviv, approximately 20 Russian missiles and seven drones targeted “critical infrastructure,” but no damage has been reported.

A notable incident occurred when one of the cruise missiles breached the airspace of neighboring Poland, a NATO member, as confirmed by the armed forces. The missile entered Polish airspace near the town of Oserdow and remained there for 39 seconds, under constant surveillance by military radar systems throughout its flight, according to a statement released by the armed forces.

In his statement, Mikhail Razvozhayev, the Russian-appointed mayor of Sevastopol, disclosed that an office building and a gas line were obliterated in the Ukrainian assault. Additionally, he mentioned that a woman sustained a shrapnel injury during the incident.

However, it remains unclear whether Razvozhayev was addressing the same attack as the one reported by the Ukrainian general staff.

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