Shaibu Addresses Controversy Surrounding Campaign Vehicles

Philip Shaibu, the impeached former Deputy Governor of Edo State, has responded to the controversy surrounding campaign vehicles allocated during his tenure, shedding light on the matter in an interview with The Punch.
While acknowledging possession of the vehicles, Shaibu indicated reluctance to surrender them, citing specific details regarding their origins and refurbishment.
During his almost eight-year tenure as deputy governor, Shaibu disclosed that he received only one new vehicle.
Clarifying the issue of campaign vehicles in his possession, he explained that the cars were not new acquisitions but refurbished ones previously used by other deputy governors.
Shaibu identified the vehicles in question as two Prado SUVs formerly utilized by Lucky Imasuen, as well as a Hilux and a Land Cruiser previously associated with Dr. Pius Odubu and his wife, respectively.
He said, “The vehicles they are referring to are the two Prado SUVs used by Lucky Imasuen as the deputy governor. The other Hilux was the one (Dr Pius) Odubu’s wife used, and the Land Cruiser was the one Odubu used.
“I took all those vehicles to the mechanic who changed their engine and refurbished them. Those are the vehicles that they are telling me to return.
“So, you can see how heartless men can be. I got only one new vehicle in almost eight years that I served as the deputy governor of the state.”
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