Saudi Authorities Sanction Lethal Force for Neom Eco-City

According to former intelligence officer Col. Rabih Alenezi, Saudi authorities have sanctioned the use of lethal force to clear land for a futuristic desert city, being developed by numerous Western companies.

Col. Alenezi revealed that he was instructed to displace villagers from a tribe in the Gulf state to make room for The Line, a component of the Neom eco-project. Tragically, one villager was fatally shot while protesting against the forced eviction.

Both the Saudi government and Neom management declined to provide comments on the matter.

Neom, valued at $500 billion (£399 billion), is Saudi Arabia’s ambitious eco-region initiative, integral to its Saudi Vision 2030 strategy aimed at diversifying the kingdom’s economy away from reliance on oil.

The primary project of Neom, known as The Line, is conceptualized as a car-free urban center, with dimensions of just 200 meters (656 feet) wide and stretching 170 kilometers (106 miles) in length. However, projections indicate that only a fraction of the project, spanning 2.4 kilometers, is anticipated to be finished by the year 2030.

Numerous multinational corporations, including several British entities, are participating in the construction of Neom.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has depicted the region where Neom is situated as an ideal “blank canvas” for development. However, the Saudi government claims that over 6,000 individuals have been relocated for the project, although UK-based human rights organization ALQST suggests the actual number is greater.

Through satellite imagery analysis, the BBC has observed the demolition of three villages—al-Khuraybah, Sharma, and Gayal. The eradication of homes, schools, and hospitals is evident from these images, marking significant transformations in the landscape.

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