Labour Party Criticizes President Tinubu’s Remarks on Poverty

The Labour Party (LP) has expressed disappointment over President Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s recent comments regarding the worsening poverty that Nigerians have endured under his administration.
In a statement by LP’s national publicity secretary, Obiora Ifoh, the party finds it disheartening that the president would seemingly mock his fellow citizens by suggesting that poverty is not unique to Nigeria.
The LP asserts that Nigerians, who bear the brunt of the government’s harsh economic policies, do not need to be reminded of the pain and hunger they are forced to endure. The party highlights that the administration was elected to combat poverty, hunger, and disease, but their focus appears to be on opulence.
The party pointed to the exorbitant spending on renovating the President and Vice President’s lodges and the potential acquisition of new jets for the Presidential fleet, while schools and healthcare facilities are in a state of decline, and public servants are denied a living wage.
The Labour Party urged Tinubu to uphold the constitution and prioritize the security and welfare of the people, as stated in his oath of office. The party emphasized the need to end the mockery and address the pressing issues affecting the suffering masses.
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