Dublin and New York: Uniting Cities Through Livestream

Excitement fills the atmosphere around Dublin’s General Post Office and the towering Spire as locals and tourists are captivated by a real-time visual connection with New York City.

A large, circular screen has been set up near the junction of North Earl Street and O’Connell Street, offering a continuous livestream of activity from the bustling streets of New York to those in Dublin.

Passersby in Dublin can observe the happenings of New York throughout the day, while a similar screen in New York provides viewers there with a glimpse of life in Dublin, creating a transatlantic connection in real-time.

Occasional cheers erupt on the streets of Dublin as pedestrians passing the New York screen wave across the Atlantic, fostering a sense of camaraderie between the two cities. In return, New Yorkers receive waves and smiles from Dubliners, fostering a unique bond across the miles.

John Plummer, visiting Dublin from Drogheda, expresses his amazement, describing the experience as “amazing” and highlighting the joy of witnessing daily life in New York while standing in the heart of Dublin.

John and Luke Plummer at the portal
John and Luke Plummer at the portal

Luke Plummer, a Dublin native and cousin of John, shares his enthusiasm for the project, expressing how it offers an exciting opportunity for Dubliners to witness the current happenings in New York, even if they’ve never been there.

The initiative aims to connect citizens through technology, bridging the gap between communities on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Situated at the vibrant intersection of Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street, the NYC portal stands as a focal point in the bustling Flatiron South Public Plaza, providing a dynamic link between Dublin and the Big Apple.

Dublin’s Lord Mayor, Daithí De Róiste, encourages both locals and visitors to engage with the sculpture, extending an Irish welcome and fostering connections with cities worldwide.

The livestream is beside a statue of James Joyce
The livestream is beside a statue of James Joyce

The portal will grace Dublin’s streetscape for the duration of the summer, continuing its presence until the autumn months.

Over the coming months, cultural performances will take place at each city’s portal, allowing people in one city to enjoy the festivities via the livestream from the other city.

Starting in July, the Dublin portal will expand its connections to include other global city destinations in Poland, Brazil, and Lithuania, further enhancing the sense of global connectivity fostered by the project.

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