APC’s Ayinde Urges Tinubu to Address Economic Crisis, Citing Kenya Protests

Oluyemisi Ayinde, a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos state, has urged President Bola Tinubu to take swift action to alleviate Nigeria’s economic hardships to avoid protests similar to those in Kenya.
Kenyan protests erupted following a parliamentary move to raise taxes, leading to loss of lives and property destruction, despite President William Ruto’s refusal to sign the bill.
In an open letter to Tinubu, Ayinde emphasized the urgency of the situation, drawing parallels between Nigeria and Kenya.
“The potential for widespread civil unrest is significant, with devastating consequences for our nation,” Ayinde warned.
“The destruction of infrastructure, loss of lives, and disruption of economic activities could set Nigeria back by years.”
Ayinde called on Tinubu to act decisively, highlighting the heavy cost of inaction. “Now is the time to leverage your leadership to guide our nation through this perilous juncture,” she stated. “History will judge us by our response to this critical moment, necessitating unwavering resolve and compassionate leadership.”
Ayinde proposed several measures to prevent unrest, including:
Establishing a presidential task force to oversee the immediate distribution of foodstuffs.
Ensuring transparency and accountability in government spending and economic policy execution.
Fast-tracking long-term economic reforms to diversify the economy, enhance agricultural productivity, and promote industrialization.
Increasing funding and support for the healthcare and education sectors to meet basic needs and reduce pressure on struggling families.
Ayinde’s appeal underscores the urgent need for proactive leadership to stabilize Nigeria’s economy and prevent civil unrest.
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