Shehu Sani Alleges Massive Looting by Ex-Governor El-Rufai 

Former Kaduna Central senator Shehu Sani has reiterated his accusations that ex-Governor Nasir El-Rufai and his associates systematically looted Kaduna State over an eight-year period.
Sani’s comments follow a report by the Kaduna State Assembly, which claims that El-Rufai’s administration embezzled over N423 billion and calls for the former governor’s investigation and prosecution.
Reacting to the assembly’s report, Sani posted on X: “For eight years, I stood alone, telling the people of Kaduna State and the country how our state was systematically looted by the governor and the criminal gang around him. The people inside and outside the state were deceived with aesthetics and industrial-scale propaganda. They wrecked the economy of the state, enriched themselves and their families, destroyed the lives and livelihoods of millions of people, and used religion to divide our state.”
Sani further claimed that he faced persecution and threats on his life for speaking out, while many politicians in the state were silenced through fear of arrest, attacks, or property confiscation. He expressed vindication following the Kaduna Assembly’s findings.
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