In a significant development following their rescue, the Kaduna State Government has initiated a crucial phase in the rehabilitation process for the recently freed Kuriga schoolchildren.
These children, who endured harrowing experiences during their abduction, have been relocated to a specialized facility for psycho-social therapy and counseling.
The decision to transfer the children to the facility was made following their meeting with Governor Uba Sani at the Sir Kashim Ibrahim Government House on Monday.
Spearheaded by the Ministry of Human Services and Social Development, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the program aims to address the mental health and psychological needs of the rescued children before reuniting them with their families.
During the handover ceremony on Monday, Major General Mayirenso Saraso, the General Officer Commanding of One Mechanised Division of the Nigerian Army, revealed that six out of the 137 rescued children were currently receiving medical treatment at a military hospital in Kaduna.
By prioritizing their psychological health, the Kaduna State Government demonstrates its unwavering commitment to supporting the victims of such atrocities and ensuring their successful reintegration into society.