President Tinubu Urged to Take Decisive Action by Senator Tambuwal

Aminu Tambuwal, the senator representing Sokoto South, urges President Bola Tinubu to heed the “cries of Nigerians” amidst worsening economic conditions.
With food inflation soaring to 35.4 percent as per the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Tambuwal highlights the challenges stemming from the president’s economic policies.
Against the backdrop of nationwide protests by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on February 27, Tambuwal, speaking in Abeokuta, Ogun State, emphasizes the importance of not succumbing to despair.
While acknowledging the current economic difficulties, Tambuwal expresses optimism that the economy will rebound positively.
He states, “Mr. President should listen to the cries of Nigerians,” which underscores the need for decisive action to address the nation’s challenges.
He adds, “But, he sought this job and he got it,” emphasizing President Tinubu’s responsibility to ensure Nigeria’s progress by taking necessary measures.
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