Postponed Ruling: Giuliani’s Creditors Seek Sale of Palm Beach Estate

A New York bankruptcy judge has postponed a ruling on a motion filed by Rudy Giuliani’s creditors, which sought to compel him to sell his Palm Beach estate. This decision allows Giuliani to remain in his Florida condo for the time being.

During the hearing, Judge Sean Lane acknowledged concerns about Giuliani’s financial activities involving the condo, which is owed to multiple creditors. However, he opted to delay any decision on forcing the sale of the property, valued at around $3.5 million.

Giuliani filed for bankruptcy in December following a court order to pay $148 million to two former Georgia election workers for disseminating false information about their involvement in the 2020 election.

While Giuliani has agreed to list his Manhattan apartment for approximately $5 million, he argues that he should be permitted to continue residing in the Florida condo. He cited the necessity of recording his podcast there and the high cost associated with finding a new residence in New York.

In a motion filed on March 28, Rudy Giuliani’s legal team argued against the compelled sale of his Florida condominium, expressing concerns about the financial burden it would impose. They highlighted the potential costs associated with securing alternative housing, suggesting that such a move could risk Giuliani facing homelessness.

The bankruptcy proceedings have brought together a diverse group of creditors claiming debts owed by Rudy Giuliani. Among them are a supermarket employee, who alleges he was incarcerated after a simple pat on Giuliani’s back, two elections technology firms targeted by Giuliani’s conspiracy theories, a woman accusing him of sexual coercion, several former legal representatives, the IRS, and Hunter Biden, asserting that Giuliani unlawfully disclosed his personal information.

Representing many of these creditors, attorney Rachel Biblo Block disclosed on Thursday that Giuliani has reportedly spent over $160,000 on maintenance fees and taxes for his Florida condominium since filing for bankruptcy. This amount significantly exceeds the previously estimated monthly payments of $8,000, according to Giuliani’s legal team.

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