Outrage As Appeal Court Removes 3 Governors In Opposition Parties In 4 Days

The removal of Governor Caleb Mutfwang of Plateau State by the Court of Appeal has sparked widespread criticism, with claims that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) aims to establish a one-party system in Nigeria. 
This incident marked the third opposition governor’s removal within a four-day period.
Ambassador Iliya Damagum, the Acting National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), last week expressed concern over what he perceived as a plot to overturn the people’s will, emphasizing the APC’s alleged intent to undermine democracy and suppress the Rule of Law.
Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters, Damagum alleged that there was a design by the APC to “cripple democracy, overthrow the democratic rights of Nigerians, suppress the Rule of Law and downgrade our nation to a fiefdom run by the whims of a cabal.”
Governor Mutfwang, a PDP member, had secured 525,299 votes in the March governorship election, while his APC counterpart, Nentawe Goshwe, received 481,370 votes.
Goshwe contested the results, alleging that Mutfwang’s nomination and sponsorship were not in line with the Electoral Act. Although the tribunal dismissed the petition, Goshwe pursued the case to the appellate court.
In the recent judgment led by Justice Elfrieda Williams-Dawodu, the appeal court nullified Mutfwang’s election, citing his invalid sponsorship by the PDP.
On Thursday, the appeal court sacked Governor Dauda Lawal of Zamfara State of PDP, declaring that the governorship election in March was inconclusive.
The following day, the same court nullified the election of the Kano State Governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP).
These consecutive rulings have stirred public outrage on Twitter, with many Nigerians speculating about the APC’s involvement in the legal actions leading to the removal of opposition governors.
Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:
@leroikris: “It is now glaring that Nigeria is an APC captured state.”
@authentic_malam: “It’s natural to question court rulings. I wonder why all our court verdicts seem to favor the APC, the ruling party, against the opposition. This trend could potentially harm the country’s political process. ”
Shehu Sani, a former senator, wrote: “The Court of Appeal Judgement against the electoral victory of the Plateau State Governor is unfortunate, unacceptable and condemnable. A broad daylight heist of the will of the people.The bench is becoming the coffin of democracy.”
@Pauly257∅: “They have decided to snatch Plateau and allocate it to themselves. APC Department in charge of political allocation and distribution.”
@iam_samedohi: “America wonder. Nigeria is fast becoming a one-party country 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
@Rabsy_b: “APC can take over all the 36 states if they want ”
@MikelegofGod wrote, “APC at work oo, they wanna turn Nigeria into a one-party system.”
ÄPC has turned Nigeria into something different o,” @Okey_Ego_Crypto wrote.
“APC-owned court sacks Plateau governor,” @Mary_dozie reacted.
“They are gradually sinking this country,” @ErcharuP lamented.
@JayPeeGeneral said, “No justice in the courtrooms system anymore! Our judges have replaced susbstantail justice with technicalities.
@CheezyCharles queried, “Court sits on Sundays,” 
“Miscarriage of justice, there is no law left in Nigeria anymore,” @EnergizeBen said.
@timibreaker_35 said, “APC came to finish Nigeria.”
@TheoAbuAgada: “APC should actually take it easy. It’s becoming annoying at this point.”
@Its_ereko: “Dem go still remove Governors for different states put APC. Mad money dey fly for Nigerian judges account this period. But Nigerians no go wake up 💔
@YundNedu∅1: “APC is just clearing everywhere with the help of our judiciary. Any small thing “go to court ” because they already have the judiciary on their payroll….”
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