Nigerian Parliament Calls for Comprehensive Curriculum Overhaul

On Thursday, the Nigerian House of Representatives adopted a motion to update curricula across primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions.
This resolution followed a motion titled “Review of the Nigerian Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Schools in Line with Current Global Market Needs and Contemporary Realities,” presented by Bamidele Salam, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party from Osun State.
Salam emphasized that Nigeria’s current curriculum lags behind those of advanced nations, prioritizing rote learning over essential skills like critical thinking and problem-solving.
He argued that the curriculum must evolve to better prepare students for the global job market, incorporating practical training and technological integration.
The House urged the Federal Ministry of Education and state Ministries of Education to conduct a comprehensive curriculum review, aligning it with global market demands.
This includes promoting critical thinking, innovation, digital literacy, and addressing resource disparities to ensure equitable access to quality education.
The motion was referred to the House Committees on Basic Education and Services, and University Education for further action.
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