Germany: European Parliament Aide Faces Charges of Spying for China

Prosecutors have detained a man employed by a far-right politician over suspicions of spying for China.

The individual, identified as Jian G, 43, reportedly worked as an assistant to AfD MEP and European election candidate Maximilian Krah, according to German media.

Authorities claim Jian G was apprehended in Dresden, where he is accused of transmitting information about the European Parliament to Chinese intelligence agencies. Additionally, he is suspected of monitoring Chinese opposition figures within Germany.

Upon learning of his aide’s arrest through the media, Mr. Krah emphasized that if the allegations are substantiated, the individual’s employment will be immediately terminated.

“Espionage for a foreign state is a serious accusation,” Krah stated.

An AfD party spokesperson expressed concern over the reports, stating that they await further investigation by the public prosecutor’s office.

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser emphasized the gravity of the allegations, stating, “If it is confirmed that someone spied for China in the European Parliament, this is an attack from within on European democracy.”

China’s foreign affairs ministry dismissed the arrest as speculative and intended “to smear and suppress China.”

Prosecutors indicated that Jian G had been employed since 2019 “for a member of the European Parliament.” However, they did not mention Mr. Krah by name, who serves as the AfD’s lead candidate in the upcoming European Elections across the EU’s 27 member states from June 6-9.

Jian G is scheduled to appear before an investigating judge later on Tuesday.

His detention follows the recent arrests of two men and a woman on suspicion of spying for China, allegedly gathering information in Germany on military technology for China. Authorities do not believe the latest case is connected to this incident.

The main suspect in the earlier case is accused of operating a front company collaborating with German research organizations while spying for the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS). Thomas R is alleged to have acquired “innovative technologies for military use” on behalf of an MSS agent.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently returned from a crucial visit to Beijing, where he engaged in discussions with President Xi Jinping on various issues, including Russia’s war in Ukraine.


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