10 Crew Members Killed in Malaysian Navy Helicopter Collision

Two Malaysian navy helicopters collided mid-air during a rehearsal for a military parade, resulting in the tragic death of all 10 crew members on board. One of the aircraft clipped the rotor of the other, as shown in footage from local media, leading to both helicopters crashing to the ground. The incident occurred at 09:30 local time (02:30 BST) in Lumut, Malaysia, where a Royal Malaysian Navy base is located. Regrettably, there are no survivors from this devastating accident.

Perak Fire and Rescue Department Rescue personnel removing debris from the helicopter
Rescue personnel removing debris from the helicopter

“The Royal Malaysian Navy confirmed that all victims were pronounced dead at the site of the incident, and their remains have been sent to the Military Hospital in Lumut for identification,” stated the Royal Malaysian Navy.

They also announced the formation of a committee to investigate the cause of the collision.

According to reports, one of the helicopters involved, a HOM M503-3 carrying seven individuals, crashed onto a running track. The other helicopter, a Fennec M502-6 with three occupants, crashed into a nearby swimming pool.

The state’s fire and rescue department was notified of the incident at 09:50 local time (01:50 GMT).

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim expressed his condolences on X (formerly known as Twitter), stating, “The nation mourns this heart-wrenching tragedy. Condolences to all the families of the victims and prayers for strength to face this calamity.”

In March, a Malaysian coast guard helicopter crashed into the sea near Angsa Island during a training flight.

Fortunately, the pilot, co-pilot, and two passengers aboard were located and rescued by local fishermen.


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