France Bars Nigerian Students From Relocating With Families, Enacts Stricter Immigration Measures

The French parliament has enacted legislation preventing Nigerian students and others from bringing their families to France. 
This measure, supported by President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist Renaissance party and Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally, tightens controls on family reunion, restricts migrants’ access to welfare benefits, and prohibits the detention of minors in detention centers.
Notably, leaders from one-third of France’s regions have expressed their refusal to implement key legislative measures.
 A controversial aspect of the law differentiates between citizens and migrants, including those legally residing in France, in terms of eligibility for benefits.
The revised and more stringent version of the bill received support from right-wing parties, leading to its recent approval.
Marine Le Pen celebrated the altered measure as an “ideological victory” for the far-right, while the leader of the right-wing Republican Party, Eric Ciotti, praised it as “firm and courageous.”
However, left-wing critics argue that Macron is aligning with the far-right, with Socialist Party leader Olivier Faure warning, “History will remember those who betrayed their convictions.”
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