El-Rufai Predicts Failure of Successor, Uba Sani

Nasir El-Rufai, the former governor of Kaduna State, has publicly expressed doubts about the success of his successor, Uba Sani.
During a Sallah celebration address to his supporters and associates, El-Rufai suggested that Governor Sani’s administration would not endure, metaphorically stating, “Governor Sani will fall off like a candy.”
This prediction comes in the context of a recent fallout between the two politicians.
Governor Sani has accused El-Rufai of accumulating significant state debt, which he claims has made it challenging for the current administration to meet its financial obligations, including salary payments. In response to these accusations, the Kaduna State House of Assembly has recommended an investigation into the loans acquired and utilized during El-Rufai’s tenure.
Despite the probe, El-Rufai has shown little concern, maintaining a stance of indifference towards the investigation. However, he did express his misgivings about Sani’s potential for success. El-Rufai advised his supporters to refrain from engaging in disputes with the governor’s aides, urging them instead to pray for the current administration’s success.
He said, “Support the governor and his cabinet members with prayers for them to do the right thing. Don’t feel hurt with what’s going on. When he is done prancing, he will fall off like candy [in a kid’s hand],” as reported by DailyNigerian.
This development underscores the political tension and challenges facing the current administration in Kaduna State, as well as the complexities of political transitions and the legacy issues left by preceding administrations.
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