Delhi Grapples with Record Heatwave and Power Outages

India’s capital, Delhi, is struggling with an extended heatwave that has driven power demand to a record 8,647 megawatts (MW) this week. Temperatures have consistently hovered around 44-45°C in the city and other parts of northern India for several weeks.

The intense heat has led to a surge in the use of cooling appliances such as air conditioners, putting immense pressure on the power grid and causing frequent outages in Delhi. This record demand was set on Tuesday, just a day after northern India saw peak power consumption reach 89,000 MW.

Delhi’s electricity demand has set multiple records this season, beginning on 22 May when it first hit 8,000 MW. On Monday, a power outage at the city’s airport lasted several minutes, disrupting services at the terminals. Images shared on social media depicted passengers standing in long queues at check-in counters as airline staff waited for their computers to reboot.

Delhi heat sends power demand soaring to record high

In addition to power issues, the city is also facing a severe water crisis. Videos circulating on social media show crowds holding buckets and surrounding water trucks, highlighting the desperate measures residents are taking to secure water.


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