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Devastation in Ukraine: Missile Strikes Cause Widespread Power Cuts

Large swathes of Ukraine are grappling with power outages following a series of missile strikes by Russia targeting energy infrastructure.

Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, bore the brunt of the assault, with Mayor Ihor Terekhov confirming reports of fifteen explosions. Meanwhile, in Odesa, over 53,000 households found themselves plunged into darkness as a result of the attacks.

German Galushchenko, Ukraine’s Energy Minister, pointed the finger at Russia, accusing them of attempting to trigger a widespread collapse of the country’s energy grid. He revealed that a crucial power line supplying electricity to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant had been severed, exacerbating the crisis.

In the Zaporizhzhia region, Governor Ivan Fedorov painted a grim picture, noting that the power station teetered on the brink of a blackout. He further lamented that the onslaught had left seven buildings razed to the ground and 35 others severely damaged.

President Volodymyr Zelensky decried Russia’s aggression, revealing that the country had launched over 90 missiles and dispatched 60 explosive drones in the overnight assault. The attacks have claimed the lives of at least two individuals and left 14 others injured, according to reports.

Just a day after Russian forces unleashed one of their most intense air assaults in weeks on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, a fresh wave of attacks has struck the country. The onslaught left at least 17 people wounded, including a child, due to falling debris.

In response to the escalating violence, President Zelensky has once again pleaded for increased military assistance and additional air defense systems from Western allies. He emphasized the critical need for more ammunition to support Ukrainian troops, labeling the current shortfall as “humiliating” for Europe and urging swift action.

Adding to the devastation, Ukraine’s state hydropower company reported that a Russian strike had targeted its largest dam, the DniproHES in Zaporizhzhia. While video footage depicted the dam engulfed in flames, there appears to be no immediate threat of breach.

Social media circulated videos showing a trolleybus ablaze, reportedly caught in the crossfire near the dam following a missile strike.

Explosions rocked several areas across Ukraine, including Kryvyi Rih, President Zelensky’s hometown, and Vinnytsia, situated in central Ukraine. Ukrainian officials reported damage to a “critical infrastructure object” as a result of these attacks.

Additionally, Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine experienced bombardment overnight. Governor Oleg Synehubov shared via his Telegram channel that the city was plunged into darkness following a missile strike, resulting in a complete power outage.

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