US Air Force Member Self-Immolates Outside Israeli Embassy in Washington DC

A member of the US Air Force is in critical condition after self-immolating in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington. US Secret Service officers swiftly intervened, extinguishing the flames before transporting the individual to the hospital on Sunday afternoon with severe injuries.

While the US Air Force acknowledged the involvement of an active-duty serviceman, the individual remains unidentified. Multiple authorities, including the police and the Secret Service, are currently conducting investigations.

In a live-streamed video on Twitch, the man identified himself as an active Air Force member, expressing his refusal to be complicit in what he termed as “genocide.” Prior to self-immolation, he vocalized “Free Palestine” as he was consumed by flames.

US Soldier Sets Himself on Fire outside Israeli Embassy in Washington to  Protest Gaza War - News18

Due to concerns about a potentially linked suspicious vehicle, a bomb disposal unit was dispatched to the scene. The situation is under active scrutiny by law enforcement and relevant authorities.

After a thorough examination revealed no hazardous materials, the area was deemed safe. A spokesperson for the embassy confirmed that none of the embassy staff members sustained injuries during the incident.

The Israeli foreign ministry noted that the individual involved was not familiar to embassy personnel. This marks a recurring incident of self-immolation in front of an Israeli diplomatic facility in the United States.

In a similar event in December, a protester set themselves on fire outside the Israeli consulate in the US state of Georgia. Law enforcement reported the use of petrol in that demonstration, and a Palestinian flag was discovered at the scene.

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