Update: 15 Suspects Arrested in FCT Warehouse Looting Incident

In a swift response to the impulsive attack on the Department of Agriculture’s Strategic food store in Tasha, Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) police have apprehended 15 suspects involved in the looting.
The incident occurred on March 2, 2024, when irate mobs vandalized and plundered the warehouse, prompting the police to take immediate action.
The FCT Police Command, in a statement, assured that normalcy has been restored in the area, with the situation now under control.
“The FCT police command is fully informed about the impulsive attack on Agric Department Strategic food store located at Tasha, Abuja, on 2/03/2024 by some irate mobs, which resulted in the vandalism and looting of the warehouse,” the FCT Police Command said in a statement.
“The Command wishes to state that normalcy has since been restored to the environ and the situation is very much under control, as fifteen(15) suspects were arrested, including two local security guards employed by the warehouse management. Exhibits such as twenty-six (26) bags of maize, five motorcycles, and some vandalized aluminum roofings were recovered from the suspects.”
Sunday’s looting event coincides with a period of heightened economic hardship in Nigeria. Inflation figures reached a staggering 29.90 percent in January, with the cost of living surging following President Bola Tinubu’s decision to end fuel subsidy payments. The subsequent floating of the naira exacerbated the situation, leading to protests across the country.
Despite the Federal Government’s efforts to mitigate the impacts through palliatives and other measures, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) protested last week, citing dissatisfaction with the government’s response to the fuel subsidy removal and the resultant hardship.
 President Tinubu, however, urged patience, emphasizing the necessity of the ongoing reforms and affirming the government’s commitment to their implementation.
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