Ukraine Reduces Military Mobilization Age to 25 Amid Conflict

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has ratified a bill that reduces the military mobilization age from 27 to 25, in a bid to bolster the country’s defense capabilities amid ongoing conflict with Russia.

After enduring significant casualties over two years of warfare, Kyiv faces the need to bolster its military ranks, particularly as Russia maintains a considerable manpower advantage.

The amendment aims to expand the pool of eligible conscripts, replenishing depleted reserves as volunteer enlistments dwindle. President Zelensky, who previously underscored the necessity of 500,000 additional soldiers, had delayed signing the bill since its parliamentary approval in May 2023.

While the specific impetus for the president’s recent action remains unclear, his earlier warnings regarding potential Russian offensives during the spring or summer months suggest a strategic imperative to reinforce Ukraine’s defensive capabilities.

Zelensky’s endorsement of the legislation signals Ukraine’s proactive measures to fortify its defenses against potential aggression from Russia.

Ukrainian forces had embarked on a strategic endeavor to reclaim significant territories seized by Russia, while also aiming to disrupt Russian supply routes to Crimea.

However, despite their aspirations, Ukrainian troops encountered daunting challenges, including the absence of air superiority and confronting robust Russian defensive positions. Consequently, Kyiv’s counter-offensive stalled as winter set in, prompting concerns that Russian military capabilities may surpass those of Ukraine.

Last year, Ukrainian General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi cautioned that military operations had to be scaled back due to a reduction in foreign aid support.

Ukraine has heavily relied on Western assistance, especially deliveries of long-range missiles and air defense systems. However, the disbursement of billions of pounds of aid from the US and EU has been delayed amidst political disputes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asserted that over 600,000 of his troops are engaged in combat in Ukraine, although he has not disclosed casualty figures.

According to a classified US intelligence report unveiled in December, approximately 315,000 Russian soldiers had either been killed or wounded since the commencement of the conflict. This figure was cited as nearly 90% of Russia’s military personnel at the outset of the invasion.

In February, Mr. Zelensky stated that 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers had lost their lives since the onset of the conflict. However, US officials have provided higher estimates, indicating that at least 70,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed, with as many as 120,000 sustaining injuries.

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