Ukraine MP Under Criminal Investigation Over Maldives Holiday

Ukrainian authorities are investigating whether a member of parliament broke the law when he took a family holiday to the Maldives.

Officials are banned from travelling abroad on holiday, while men of conscription age need special permission to leave the country.

The security service opened a criminal case to assess whether Yuriy Aristov gave false information to authorities.

He could face up to three years in jail if convicted, investigators say.

The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) and the Security Service of Ukraine have opened a criminal case to establish whether Mr Aristov gave false information in applying to leave the country.

The SBI said initial investigations found that Mr Aristov had been on the private island of Ithaafushi in the Maldives in mid-July with his wife and children, when he was registered as being on sick leave.

He was abroad from 5 June to 22 July, having first left for a three-day business trip to Poland. He was first spotted in the Maldives by Ukrainian media.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned public servants in a speech on Tuesday that any betrayal of the country’s interests would trigger “fury”.

“When you constantly see and feel the moral strength gained for Ukraine by our warriors, our people, who are doing everything possible and impossible for the victory and preservation of freedom, any internal betrayal, any ‘beach’ [holiday] or any personal enrichment instead of Ukraine’s interests triggers fury at the very least,” he said.

Mr Aristov has handed in a letter of resignation which will be discussed in the next parliamentary session, parliament speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk said on Facebook.

Several senior Ukrainian officials resigned earlier this year after Mr Zelensky began a shake-up of personnel across his government. Their departures came as the Ukraine launched a broad anti-corruption drive.




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