The Daily Show: “I feel it’s time to go” says Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show on Comedy Central for the past seven years, in a brief speech at the end of Thursday’s show, said he feels it’s time to go.

He said he’s been through a lot over the past seven years. With the pandemic, he also spent a lot of time at home, which contributed to his desire to quit hosting the show. When I got back into the studio, I realized there was another part of my life that I wanted to continue exploring,” said Trevor Noah.

We laughed together, we cried together. But after seven years, I feel it’s time to go, he added.

He wishes to devote more time to his work as a comedian.

He concluded by thanking the viewers as the studio audience stood to applaud for him.

The 38-year-old, who was born in South Africa and came to the United States in 2011, replaced longtime show host Jon Stewart in 2015.

He swiftly formed his own style and adapted to an era in which social media is as vital as television..

His reign at the Daily Show has seen him cover pivotal moments in American history, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the 2021 storming of the US Capitol.

Trevor Noah did not mention the exact date of his departure. We also don’t know who will succeed him.


Ada Peter
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