Tension in RCCG as Pastor Adeboye Allegedly Requests Resignation of City of David Pastor Following Wigwe’s Demise

Tensions are mounting within the ranks of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), and if not resolved amicably, rifts may widen as described in the works of Chinua Achebe.

According to a credible source, there is currently a simmering conflict between Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of RCCG, and Pastor Idowu Iluyomade, who oversees the City of David branch of the church.

Allegedly, there are reports that Pastor Adeboye directed Pastor Iluyomade of RCCG City of David to step down from his role as the lead pastor, a directive that Pastor Iluyomade reportedly strongly opposed.

In addition to being the Pastor of RCCG Region 20, City of David, Pastor Idowu Iluyomade also holds the position of Special Assistant to RCCG General Overseer, Pastor Adeboye, focusing on Christian Social Responsibility (CSR).

We Won't Resign, Pastor Iluyomade, Wife Tell Pastor Adeboye - Religion -  Nigeria

The apparent discord between Pastor Adeboye and Pastor Iluyomade may be linked to recent events surrounding the death of Herbert Wigwe, the Group Chief Executive Officer (Group CEO) of Access Holdings Plc.

Herbert Wigwe, a prominent member of RCCG who worshipped at the City of David branch and contributed significantly to the church, tragically died in a helicopter crash in the United States alongside his family and business partner. Following Wigwe’s death, his family reportedly instructed RCCG not to participate in his burial service, despite his substantial financial contributions to the church’s development.

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The family’s choice may have been influenced by a grand birthday celebration hosted by Pastor Iluyomade for his wife, which occurred shortly after Wigwe’s tragic demise.

Pastor Adeboye’s purported request for Pastor Iluyomade’s resignation as RCCG City of David Pastor aims to pacify the situation and address the discontentment of the Wigwe family, triggered by Pastor Siju Iluyomade’s extravagant birthday celebration shortly after the passing of Wigwe, a significant benefactor of the church.

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