Speakers Endorse National Assembly’s State Policing Provision

Speakers of the 36 Houses of Assembly across Nigeria have endorsed the ongoing efforts by the National Assembly to amend the nation’s constitution to allow for state policing.
This resolution was made public following a meeting held in Abuja on Thursday night.
Despite this endorsement, some high-ranking officials within the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) have expressed reservations. In April, during a national dialogue on state police organized by the House of Representatives in Abuja, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Kayode Egbetokun, represented by Assistant Inspector-General of Police Ben Okolo, voiced concerns over the establishment of state-controlled police forces.
The dialogue, themed ‘Pathways to Peace: Reimagining Policing in Nigeria,’ highlighted various perspectives on the issue.
Egbetokun argued that Nigeria is not yet ready for state police, citing potential abuses by state governors. “On the issue of state police, it is the submission of the leadership of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) that Nigeria is not yet mature and ready for the establishment of state-controlled police,” he said.
He emphasized that state governors might exploit state police for political or personal gain, which could lead to the abuse of power and human rights violations. “State governors could use the police forces under their control for political or personal gain and undermine human rights and security. There would also be a conflict of jurisdiction,” he noted.
The endorsement by the speakers and the concerns raised by the NPF leadership illustrates the complex debate surrounding the implementation of state policing in Nigeria.
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