Soludo: I’ve Led Anambra State Debt-Free for Two Years

Governor Chukwuma Soludo, in a statement during his second year anniversary in office, emphasized that he hasn’t borrowed any loans to run Anambra State.
Soludo disclosed that he hasn’t accepted any salary from the state since assuming the role of governor two years ago. Furthermore, he highlighted that his wife, serving as the first lady, doesn’t utilize an official car but instead drives his personal vehicles.
These remarks were made during the celebration of his administration’s second anniversary at the International Convention Center in Awka, the state capital, where Soludo underscored his commitment to executing the most austere government measures by minimizing costs and refraining from borrowing over the past two years.
     “Any governor that comes floods you with offers for borrowing and so on and so forth, but we decided for the first two years to demonstrate something, capacity to do more with less,” Soludo said.
“And so far as has been said, for two years, despite receiving about 25 per cent in real terms or in dollar terms of what was in the past, we have chosen deliberately not to borrow. “I have been asked severally; ‘how do you do without borrowing and with the difficult circumstances?’ And my answer is that we are doing so because we are executing the most austere measure government ever. “As I speak to you, I am not taking any salary, I am not paid any salary by Anambra State government. Even the First Lady of Anambra don’t have any official car, she still drives my personal vehicles,” Soludo said.
     The governor reiterated that his focus on reducing waste and governmental expenses aims to allocate resources to critical needs of the people. He emphasized that his administration has prioritized neglected sectors by constructing hospitals, roads, schools, and other essential amenities in areas that previously lacked such infrastructure. Soludo reassured the people of Anambra that any funds entrusted to him as governor will be meticulously accounted for. Furthermore, he declared that if borrowing becomes necessary, his administration will transparently showcase the projects financed by the loans and provide a clear plan on how these projects will generate revenue to repay the borrowed funds.
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