Senegal’s Presidential Election Postponed Indefinitely

Senegalese President Macky Sall made a significant announcement on Saturday, declaring the indefinite postponement of the presidential election originally slated for February 25, just hours before the commencement of official campaigning. 
Sall addressed the nation, stating that he signed a decree to nullify the previous decree setting the election date, citing concerns over the integrity of two Constitutional Council judges involved in the election process.
Sall emphasized his commitment to initiating an open national dialogue aimed at creating conditions conducive to a free, transparent, and inclusive election. However, he did not specify a new date for the election.
“I will begin an open national dialogue to bring together the conditions for a free, transparent and inclusive election,” Sall added without giving a new date.
This marks the first time in Senegal’s history that a presidential election has been postponed.
The election, initially scheduled following a November 2023 decree signed by Sall, featured 20 candidates, excluding two major opposition figures. Despite Sall’s previous assurances of handing over power to the election winner in early April, the postponement has raised uncertainties about the political landscape.
Sall, who announced he would not seek a third term, designated Prime Minister Amadou Ba from his party as his potential successor.
However, the exclusion of several candidates, including prominent figures like Ousmane Sonko and Karim Wade, son of former President Abdoulaye Wade, has stirred controversy and raised questions about the fairness of the electoral process.
Ada Peter

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