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Samsung Regains Top Spot in Smartphone Market, IDC Reports

Samsung has reclaimed its position as the leading smartphone seller, surpassing Apple as Chinese competitors pose a growing challenge to both market giants, according to industry tracker International Data Corporation (IDC) in its report released Monday.
Worldwide smartphone shipments surged nearly 8 percent in the first quarter of this year, reaching 289.4 million units, IDC stated, citing its preliminary data.
This marks the third consecutive quarter of growth in the global smartphone market, indicating a rebound from previous slumps.
With the recovery gaining momentum, IDC’s Worldwide Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers team vice president, Ryan Reith, anticipated major smartphone companies to increase their market share, while smaller brands may struggle to secure their positions.
In the first quarter of this year, Samsung shipped 60.1 million smartphones, capturing nearly 21 percent of the market share, according to IDC’s figures.
Meanwhile, Apple shipped 50.1 million iPhones, accounting for just over 17 percent of the market during the same period.
Apple experienced a 9.6 percent decline in smartphone shipments compared to the previous quarter, whereas Samsung’s shipments saw a marginal decrease of less than one percent, IDC reported.
Furthermore, Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi and Transsion, saw significant growth in shipments.
Xiaomi’s shipments surged by about 33 percent to 40.8 million units, securing the third position in the overall smartphone market, while Transsion’s shipments grew by approximately 85 percent to 28.5 million units, claiming the fourth position, as per IDC’s report.
Despite Apple’s lead at the end of 2023, Samsung has successfully regained its dominance as the leading smartphone provider in the first quarter of this year, said Ryan Reith from IDC.
Looking ahead, IDC anticipates Samsung and Apple to maintain their stronghold in the high-end smartphone market, while Chinese competitors aim to expand their sales strategies.
Nabila Popal, research director with IDC’s Worldwide Tracker team, noted a shifting dynamic among the top smartphone companies, indicating ongoing adjustments in market strategies amid the post-recovery landscape.
“There is a shift in power among the Top 5 companies, which will likely continue as market players adjust their strategies in a post-recovery world.
“Xiaomi is coming back strong from the large declines experienced over the past two years and Transsion is becoming a stable presence in the Top 5 with aggressive growth in international markets.”
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