Putin Warns of Potential Russian Weapon Shipments Targeting the West

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a warning, suggesting that Moscow could supply arms to countries targeting Western interests. Putin’s statement comes as he criticizes the West for providing Ukraine with long-range weapons. Several nations, including the United States, have authorized Ukraine to target Russian territories.

Putin expressed concerns over the consequences of such actions, indicating that it could lead to significant problems. He emphasized the possibility of asymmetric responses, implying that Russia could consider supplying similar weapons to regions where strikes on sensitive facilities of certain countries are anticipated. However, Putin did not specify which countries could receive such arms from Moscow.

The Russian president specifically mentioned Germany, which recently granted Ukraine the freedom to strike targets in Russia using German-made long-range weapons. Putin remarked that such actions would severely damage Russian-German relations.

While US President Joe Biden has authorized Ukraine to use American-supplied weapons to target Russian territories, the permission is limited to areas near the Kharkiv region. The White House has clarified that Ukraine cannot deploy long-range ATACMS missiles on Russian soil. Nonetheless, recent reports suggest that Ukraine has utilized US weapons to attack inside Russia, according to a US senator and a Western official.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has intensified following a new Russian offensive near the country’s northern border. The fighting, particularly northeast of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, has escalated tensions. Amidst this, UK Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron emphasized Ukraine’s right to decide how to utilize British weapons, including the option to target Russian territory.

Ukraine has alleged the use of North Korean missiles within its territory, while Western intelligence agencies claim that Russia has employed Iranian-made drones in the conflict.

At the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed foreign journalists, discussing various geopolitical concerns, including the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Putin highlighted Russia’s nuclear capabilities, cautioning the West against assuming that Moscow would refrain from using nuclear weapons. He emphasized that Russia’s nuclear doctrine allows for the use of all available means to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of threats.

The Russian president dismissed speculations about Russia’s intentions to attack NATO territory, labeling such claims as absurd and nonsensical. He urged against portraying Russia as an enemy, emphasizing the counterproductive nature of such narratives.

Putin’s remarks come amidst heightened tensions between Russia and the West, particularly concerning the conflict in Ukraine. Since February 2022, Russia has been involved in a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, prompting international concern and condemnation.

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