President Biden’s Manhattan Visit Triggers Protests And Traffic Gridlock In New York City

President Joe Biden’s visit to Manhattan on Wednesday prompted traffic jams and protests throughout the city. Biden attended three private campaign events, navigating between the Upper West Side and Upper East Side, leading to rolling street closures. The NYPD managed street closures on the Upper West Side (Broadway to West End Avenue in the 70s and 80s) and the Upper East Side (along Madison Avenue in the 80s).

Drivers were advised to steer clear of Midtown and the east and west sides due to ongoing closures. Protesters, including at least two pro-Palestinian groups, demonstrated against Biden’s support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas. The protests, titled “NYC says Genocide Joe Has Got to Go!,” targeted Biden’s receptions, urging a cease-fire in Gaza.

During one instance, about 60 individuals attempted to block Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side, resulting in some being taken away by officers. The majority were expected to receive summonses. Earlier in the day, a couple of hundred people gathered at Columbus Circle for a protest.

President Biden left New York City by 8 p.m., returning to Washington, D.C. On a separate note, he announced a significant campaign fundraiser on March 28 in New York City, featuring former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton as guests. While the venue is yet to be confirmed, Radio City Music Hall is being considered.

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