Peter Obi Reaffirms Commitment to Labour Party 

Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate in the 2023 election, has confirmed his continued loyalty to the party.
This statement, made on Thursday, followed his previous comments about the broader scope of the ‘Obidient’ movement, which transcends any single political party.
Obi clarified that the movement is not a directorate of any particular party and disassociated from anyone claiming to lead a non-existent directorate. The Labour Party had initially created the Obidient Directorate to integrate the movement, appointing executives and planning an inauguration on June 8 in Abuja. Following Obi’s clarification, the party renamed it the Directorate of Mobilisation and Integration.
Addressing rumors about his potential departure from the Labour Party, Obi reaffirmed his commitment to the party and his collaborative efforts to reconcile members, partner with like-minded individuals and parties, and strengthen the Labour Party to foster the rebuilding of Nigeria.
Obi stated, “I remain a faithful, committed, and loyal member of the Labour Party. As a leader of the party, my aspiration is to work closely with other leaders to reconcile our valued members and build a strong and better party that will catalyze and commence the rebuilding of a new Nigeria.”
He said that his previous statement aimed to address concerns among supporters, many of whom are not affiliated with any political party but share the vision of a new Nigeria.
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