PDP Calls On Akeredolu To Transfer Authority To Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa

The Ondo State PDP chapter urges Governor Rotimi Akeredolu to delegate executive powers to Deputy Lucky Aiyedatiwa, expressing worry about the economic standstill resulting from the governor’s extended absence due to illness.

Fatai Adams, the PDP state chairman, conveyed the party’s dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, stating that Governor Akeredolu’s absence has resulted in economic stagnation. Adams highlighted the importance of seamless governance, urging the governor to empower his deputy. Speaking in Akure, he expressed concern about potential exploitation of the leadership vacuum and emphasized the critical need for effective leadership to address the state’s challenges. “We are, however, deeply concerned about the ruinous cost the health challenge of the governor has bestowed upon the state; the most obvious is the emergence of a cabal, largely informal, that has seized every initiative, mindlessly driving our state to penury,” remarked Adams.

Adams asserted that the state’s finances are being compromised, with resources being exploited by various interest groups both within and outside the government, adversely impacting development and overall well-being.

Reiterating the party’s call for the transmission of power to the deputy governor, Adams reminded Governor Akeredolu of his advice to the late President Umaru Yar’Adua during his illness.

He urged the governor to prioritise his health and adhere to his previous counsel to the late president by temporarily relinquishing power to his deputy. “It is now crystal clear that Akeredolu’s doctors have since instructed him to stay away from his office and state; this certainly highlights the fact that he is currently not fit to handle state matters.

“We urge Mr Governor to please use his advice to the late President Yar’Adua and transmit power to the deputy governor in the interest of our dear state,” Adams said.

Governor Akeredolu has been away from the state, residing at his private residence in Ibadan, Oyo State, since returning from a medical vacation in Germany in September.


Ada Peter
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