Outbreak Of Scabies Hits Adamawa Correctional Centre With 51 Inmates Affected

In the Yolde Pate Correctional Centre located in Yola South Local Government Area of Adamawa state, 51 cases of scabies have been reported among inmates. 
The confirmation was provided by Damba Kwinke, the state Epidemiologist from the Ministry of Health, who revealed that the first case emerged in August 2023.
Investigations indicate that individuals held in the Criminal Investigation Department at the state police headquarters, including the index case, were among those affected by the parasitic mite infestation causing intense itching.
Scabies, being highly contagious, can easily transmit from person to person, leading to secondary skin infections, according to Kwinke. He urged the correctional centre authorities to prioritize hygiene measures among staff and inmates to prevent further spread of the outbreak.
Currently, Yolde-pate Correctional Centre stands as the sole facility in the state with recorded cases of scabies. Responding to the situation, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Barrister Isuwa Misali, provided health kits and sanitary materials to address the issue.
The correctional centre received a total of 16 different health items, including Sulphur ointment, sanitizers, face masks, hypo, hand wash, cotton wool, medicated soap, hard-duty gloves, ORS, and Calamine Lotion.
Ada Peter

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