NYC: Increased Security Measures in Lower Manhattan for Trump’s Trial

The NYPD has increased security measures in Lower Manhattan as Former President Donald Trump faces trial this week for his involvement in a hush money case.

Barricades now line Fifth Avenue near Trump’s residence in Manhattan, with 56th Street closed between Fifth and Madison Avenues. Periodic road closures will be enforced as the former president commutes from his residence to the courthouse.

Authorities have emphasized that while security is heightened across New York City, there are currently no credible threats reported.

As Trump’s trial begins, officials anticipate protests to start. The Secret Service, along with the NYPD and court officers, are collaborating to secure public areas, streets, and the courtroom itself.

Given the significance of Trump’s trial and recent tensions in the Middle East, the NYPD will also maintain a visible presence at New York City synagogues and during demonstrations related to the conflict between Iran and Israel.

A pro-Palestine rally is already scheduled for Monday.

In light of the trial’s importance, the NYPD has announced an increase in intelligence monitoring, including social media, to detect any potential threats.

The former president is expected to depart from his residence on Monday morning to make his way downtown for the commencement of his historic trial.


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