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NYC: Critics Challenge Mayor Adams’ $1 Billion Reserve in over $100 Billion Budget

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has proposed a robust fiscal year budget exceeding $100 billion, which includes an additional $1 billion reserve that has drawn criticism from his opponents.

Despite any dissent, Mayor Adams remains steadfastly optimistic about the city’s recovery from the pandemic and its future trajectory.

“Like it or not, we’re moving forward. We’re making progress,” he affirmed.

During his budget presentation on Wednesday, Mayor Adams unveiled the 2025 budget, which reinstates most of the cuts proposed last year.

Significant funding has been allocated to education, preschool programs, and municipal services. Additionally, the NYPD will see two additional academy classes, translating to more officers on the streets and in the transit system.

“We have not laid off a single city worker, nor have we raised taxes,” Mayor Adams emphasized.

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